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Our Purpose

Having grown up in Eastern Washington, I have a great appreciation for the sights, fragrances, and textures of its landscape, especially the ponderosa pine. I'm passionate about enabling healthy and resilient forests through thoughtful thinning and plant management that meets my customer's goals while taking cues from the land and the plants.

With decades of experience pruning as well as experience thinning trees, firefighter type 2 certification and education in forestry and fire ecology, my purpose is to contribute to these great trees' bounty in Eastern Washington and enabling the people living near them to be safer from wildfire.

Sincerely, Wes Johns

Our Methods

As a licensed (METAURF801RU / Farm labor Contract #047-22), bonded, and insured contractor, Metau does this with hand tools that enable us to thin in any type of area including steep slopes and areas prone to ruts and erosion that can be damaged by equipment on wheels. 

Our customers typically want to make their surroundings safer from wildfire and in some cases enable a healthier forest to encourage more wildlife and improve the aesthetics of their surroundings.

chelan county tree fire
Wildfire Protection

My experience and education in fire and wildfire gives me a keen respect for its power, and the importance of knowledge in controlling its risks.

That experience includes:

  • Hundreds of burn piles burned without incident

  • Experience on numerous prescribed burns without incident

  • Volunteer firefighter with Chelan County #3 Fire Department in Leavenworth since 2021

  • Wildfire Firefighter 1 & 2 Training

  • Forest Stewardship Education- WSU Forestry Extension

  • Fire Ecology Education- University of Idaho

Slopes present a unique risk as fire moves fast up slopes. If your dwelling is on or near a slope, we'll prioritize this area in our thinning prescription. Otherwise, we'll discuss how to thoughtfully thin using Firewise®          practices to achieve your goals. 

mule deer.jpg

Enabling a healthier ecosystem that is good habitat for a variety of animals is a noble goal. Nature is diverse, and with that we strive to mimic the diversity of wildlife's habitat. Individual (trees), Clumps (of trees), and Openings (space) (ICO) is the methodology we use to do this. Click for more about balancing fuel suppression with wildlife friendly habitat.

ponderosa pine health
Healthy Trees

Maybe you want to ensure your biggest or favorite trees survive for generations of pleasure or for commercial harvest. We'll discuss your tree priorities and ensure the trees you want to flourish are enabled to do so.

Transforming a forest from this:

bad wildfire forest.png

to this:

good wildfire thinning pic.png

is an example of achieving a healthier environment for trees and wildlife, while reducing wildfire risk. 

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